After decades of personal projects, I launched this hobby company in June 2018 with a focus on up-cycling *people furniture* and converting them into stunning and unique fine luxury pet furniture. I also build some pieces entirely from scratch and scrap. I get scraps and from local woodworkers, marketplace, thrift stores, etc. Because I work with scraps and I restore reclaimed materials by hand, I can pass those saving onto to my buyers and sell for nearly half the price pieces are actually worth.

I am a primarily housebound disable hobby artist. I design pieces with what ever comes my way and catches my eye at a pace I can keep up with. I have a mini shop in my home and I am blessed with a wonderful mentor that helps me with the more complicated aspects of my creations.

I never make the exact thing twice because I love a good challenge.


Because of this, everything is a prototype, so it can take some time to complete projects. My average time to complete a piece is about a month. A lot of time and love goes into each piece.

I grew up with my mom, a single parent that had a passion for interior decorating and that took on a great deal of home improvement endeavors on her own. This sparked interest in TV shows like This Old House and Martha Stewart Living. I also acquired a passion for ancient on through modern art in my teenage years.

I was retiring from teaching and academic writing due to my neurological condition, and I needed something to keep me busy. Something that was creative, involved some physical effort, and that involved challenging critical thinking.

Then I met my woodworking mentor, Michael, who had a small woodworking shop. and who came across a fair amount of scrap wood that he’d pass along to me if he couldn’t use it. Many of the scrap pieces were small, so I asked myself what on earth I could make with these small scraps.

I pulled together my passion of building, sculpting, refurbishing, and fine design to start making fine and luxury pet furniture. I scour thrift stores for interesting parts, toss them out on the shop floor with scrap wood, and I stare at them until I determine what they want to be.

I never set out to make something and then go looking for the supplies. I look for interesting supplies and create from them. It’s far more challenging and I end up with far more uniquely creative pieces.

Because I do everything myself, source raw materials/parts, design, cut, build, paint/stain, photograph and sell my pet furniture, there is no middle man, no retail markups. This is how I can offer such great prices for my pieces. Luxury pet furniture without the luxury price tag.