Charleston Fine Pet Furniture by T.M.K. is currently soft launching a new program for local low-income individuals with impaired, paralyzed, or amputee pets who otherwise cannot afford a wheelchair for their pet. This program is for pets that need a wheelchair long-term.

This program offers at-cost pet wheelchairs for as low as $25 per wheelchair. Wheelchairs are up-cycled from donated human durable medical equipment to provide high quality wheelchairs at very, very low cost. This is a drastically more affordable solution as new quality pet wheelchairs can range from $100 to nearly $500.

It’s A Process

Wheelchairs are not pre-made, the pet will have to be brought in and be measured for the wheelchair and then returned after the wheelchair is completed to be fitted.

The Benefits

Pet wheelchair carts can have a number of positive impacts on health because it allows an otherwise sedentary pet the freedom to be active again. Some pets may benefit from a full-time cart for independence while others may benefit from short-term daily use to help build muscle and endurance in order to walk unassisted. Either way, helping a pet get active again increases quality of life and can extend their life in general.

Upfront Payment

Payments for the wheelchair are upfront and are refundable if for any reason your pet cannot be accommodated. Prices vary based on size, needs, and available equipment.

How To Donate

If you or someone you know has any metal durable medical equipment they would like to donate, they can drop them off at 4781 Apartment Blvd, North Charleston, 29418. You may call first or simply drop off and leave on the front porch.

Acceptable Items: New or Used

  • Wheels 2″-12″ diameter no thicker than 1 inch with rubber tread. New or like new condition. I need these the most!!
  • Crutches – New or gently used, no rust, minimal wear.
  • Walkers – New or gently used, no rust, minimal wear.
  • Rollators – New or gently used, no rust, minimal wear.
  • Bath/Shower Chairs – New or gently used, no rust, minimal wear.
  • Canes – New or gently used, no rust, minimal wear.
  • Pet Wheelchairs – Any condition, Any parts.
  • Large Stroller Wheels – In good condition.
  • 1/4 and 1/2 Axle Bolts – New or like new condition.
  • Dog & Cat Harnesses – XS-XL – New with tags.
  • Metal or PVC Tee’s/Joints 1/4, 3/4, 1/2″ – 1″ – New only.
  • Aluminum Tubing – 1/4″ – 1″ diameter – New or like new.
  • Elastic foam tubing.
  • Other, please send an email first if you have another type of equipment you want to donate.

See The Pets You Help

All supplies will be tagged with a number, so please ask for your number. Once your item(s) have been used to help a pet in need, a photo of the pet in their new wheelchair will be posted here with it’s respective number so you can see the smiling face of the pet whose life you just changed forever.

Why I Started This Program

I’m disabled myself, and I use several different assistive devices outside of the home depending on what I am doing and how long I am doing it. Because I only need assistive devices outside of the home, insurance would never cover the costs, and I needed specialty equipment, which is very, very expensive. My power-wheelchair alone costs more than my car.

So I know what it’s like to desperately need an assistive device, and I personally know the amazing feeling of competency and freedom one feels when they finally receive the assistive support they have been needing for quite some time.


For more information or to request a wheelchair for your pet, please use the Contact Form or email

Pets Helped

Peanut: Day 1 with his new full support wheelchair.

Peanut: Age 14, Chihuahua, Degenerative Disk Disease, front and rear impairments. Total Wheelchair Cost: $25. Donation#: 1,2.